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Denyse tells an odd story, and comes back later to clarify

The reason I told the story about my rescue by a bus driver from the snowbank (yes, yes, I should have spelled it out we artsies sometimes speak in riddles) is to say that, among humans, altruism can never be reduced to mere Darwinism.

(A bus driver from a snowbank? - that still sounds like a riddle. Or possibly just bad sentence construction.) (It is also interesting how she assumes that guys only offer help to females out of altruism - clearly there's no possibility of anything even vaguely Darwinian in that at all.) (/snark)

Actually, in Denyse's case, I think we CAN rule that out.

...after reviewing the arguments, I’m inclined to believe that the critics of ENCODE’s bold claim were mostly right, and that the proportion of our genome which is functional is probably between 10 and 20%.  --Vincent Torley, 1/1/2016

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