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Continuing on in, Dembski says  
in my book The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World (check out the book as well as a $5,000 video contest promoting the book at
, thereby setting a new speed record for getting to "buy my book".  

Dembski then manages to avoid the glare from the mirror to say  
“New knowledge is always destabilizing, and the instinct for stability and the preservation of prestige and power always preclude the quest for truth.” Beautiful. I’ll want to quote this some day.
(And, hey, you just quoted it.)

Denyse tells an odd story, and comes back later to clarify  
The reason I told the story about my rescue by a bus driver from the snowbank (yes, yes, I should have spelled it out – we artsies sometimes speak in riddles) – is to say that, among humans, altruism can never be reduced to mere Darwinism.
(A bus driver from a snowbank? - that still sounds like a riddle.  Or possibly just bad sentence construction.)  (It is also interesting how she assumes that guys only offer help to females out of altruism - clearly there's no possibility of anything even vaguely Darwinian in that at all.) (/snark)

These guys are parodies of themselves.

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