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When I got into this business 20 years ago, I thought that any Christian (and indeed theist), given good evidence against evolution (again, a materialistic understanding of it) would be happy to trash it and move to some form of intelligent design (whether special creation or intelligent evolution). But thatís not happened. Theistic evolutionists now make common cause with atheistic evolutionists ó specifically against ID. ID has become public enemy number one for both atheistic and theistic evolutionists (the recent spate of books by both sides confirms this point).  The practical effect of this is that not just the mainstream academy but the mainstream Christian academy (Wheaton College, Calvin College, Seattle Pacific University, etc. ó most of the schools in the CCCU) have now closed their doors to ID and to hiring faculty that explicitly support it. Weíre therefore on our own. This may seem like a bad thing (it sure would be nice to be invited to those wine-and-cheese parties at the Templeton Foundation), but I submit it is a good thing. It keeps us honest. We donít have to play nice with Darwin because our livelihoods are at stake. Moreover, it will make the ultimate victory of ID all that much sweeter.
 The level of insanity in that is just stunning (as others have noted).  The conviction that his crappy arguments will win is charmingly delusional.  The idea that they could start to play less nicely with Darwinism is laughable.  The fact that he aspires to wine and cheese parties at the Templeton Foundation is pathetic (unless they have really really really good cheese, I suppose).  His ideas are so gosh-awful that not even Wheaton and Baylor and SPU want to be associated with them, and theistic evolutionists don't want to be seen in his company.  He thinks he's in a business (well, given his books, I guess there's no business like snow business).  And the saddest, funniest thing of all, he answers his own question and still doesn't get it: his natural supporters would have been thrilled to go along with his ideas if only they'd been given some good evidence.  Even one little suspicion of a hint of a suggestion of a good idea would probably have done it.  Instead, they've got Dembski, and Denyse and Behe and Sal and DaveScot and so on.

Still there's plenty of good news for the good Dr. Dr. - when the most impressive achievement in your professional life is adding a gas-attack sound track to a bad animation of a federal judge, there's still plenty of opportunity for improvement and a new personal best.  

Almost anything involving a whoopie cushion, to offer just one suggestion.

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