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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 19 2009,01:48   

Quote (didymos @ Oct. 19 2009,00:22)
batshit77 is a tard...with a blag:          

If you are interested, here is my blog link

My expectations were met: hideous color scheme, quotes of many colors, the standard Batshit topics such as NDEs, Shroud of Turin, genetic entropy, and Youtube links. Lots of Youtube links. Oh, and it's all one gigantic entry with no comments. Amusingly, he's had the thing since February 2007 but didn't post anything until earlier this evening. You can also choose your reaction at the bottom.  I went for 'funny'.

A hideous color scheme, but a readable one.  So many "challenged" bloggers forget such important things as having some kind of contrast, either in brightness or color, between your background and your text.

There's no doubt that this is batshit77's blog, though.  I clicked on this ( ) at the extreme end of the blog and found these deathless words:          
Having stated the obvious lets look at what the rock is actually made of.
A rock is composed of three basic ingredients; energy, force and truth.

Aaahhh!  That's the Hard Tard and 100% pure ba77!  I was going to rate the blog, but "batshit" doesn't seem to be one of the allowable ratings.

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