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Quote (Bob O'H @ Sep. 07 2009,15:22)
Grab the popcorn

Will Vaus


11:33 am

Dear Mr. Dembski,

I was attracted to your site because of your comment about C. S. Lewis in this post. Having studied and written about Lewis fairly extensively (See my “Mere Theology: A Guide to the Thought of C. S. Lewis”) it strikes me that your comments about Lewis’s view on evolution is mistaken. I can think of no place in which Lewis retracts his theistic evolutionary stance expressed in “The Problem of Pain”. Could you site a source for your contention that Lewis changed his view on evolution?

Will Vaus

(P.S. Learned Hand - in the same thread you imply that Darwin wrote in the 17th Century.  I think your point is still valid, though)

That's Dr. Dr. Dembski!

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