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Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 06 2009,13:29)
Quote (socle @ Sep. 06 2009,12:26)

Gil is right, Blue Lotus also goes by David v. Squatney. So, Blue, which name would you like to use? To make it easier to follow and for the sake of continuity, just stick with your David v. Squatney handle, and Blue Lotus will now be retired by me.

Just for the record, I know with absolute certainty that David v. Squatney and Blue Lotus are not the same person.  I've made a post to that effect, but DvS is now under moderation.

Clivebaby will be outing GAB of Talky next?

If consistency were their strong suit, we wouldn't be having this discussion about not throwing Gil's computer out the back of an airplane.

Liars and hypocrites, to the last one.

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