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Blue Lotus:    
GilDodgen: All computational evolutionary algorithms artificially isolate the effects of random mutation on the underlying machinery: the CPU instruction set, operating system, and algorithmic processes responsible for the replication process.

If the blind-watchmaker thesis is correct for biological evolution, all of these artificial constraints must be eliminated. Every aspect of the simulation, both hardware and software, must be subject to random errors.

Of course, this would result in immediate disaster and the extinction of the CPU, OS, simulation program, and the programmer, who would never get funding for further realistic simulation experiments.

GilDodgen lashes out.  

GilDodgen: With all due lack of respect, you are a clown, hiding behind your anonymity.

Click on my name or Google it, and you can find out all about me.

You must do the same in order for this conversation to continue. Give your real name so I have as much information about you as you do about me, or do us both a favor and crawl back into the hole from which you emerged.

Give us your real name, as I have done. Otherwise, please do us the favor of blessing us with your absence.

I don't think it's productive to call GilDodgen names. He is certainly accomplished in a number of ways, and for that he deserves respect. But when he's wrong, he should be called on it. Nor should GilDodgen react in such a fashion.

C_G_K: The underlying machinery (OS, programs, hardware and so on) are an important part of genetic algorithms and therefore become part of the simulation.

This is a perfect opportunity for GilDodgen to correct this wrong perception. The hardware is not part of the world being simulated.

GilDodgen: I once suggested that computer simulations that purport to simulate biological evolution should not artificially isolate the means of reproduction from the effects of random errors, and every time this troll logs on with another name he talks about stuff like throwing computers out of airplanes to simulate airdrop guidance software, which he knows is one of my areas of software engineering expertise.

The "means of reproduction" can and are simulated by evolutionary models. But that is *not* done by mutating the CPU or OS.

GilDodgen: He is a cowardly scumbag.

It's obvious that GilDodgen feels inadequate, constantly peppering his posts with references to his accomplishments. He is sensitive—overly so. It is a common circumstance when someone who can't admit error is confronted, repeatedly, with the source of his error.

But he said what he said. Even now, GilDodgen's language hedges on the distinction. He refuses to accept that he was wrong, is wrong. This will remain an issue for as long as he maintains his position.

Sympathy for GilDodgen's obvious discomfort is understandable—it's anguishing to watch him—, but it seems to be something to do with GilDodgen, not with Blue Lotus.

Edited for clarity.

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