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Quote (carlsonjok @ Sep. 05 2009,00:45)
Quote (someotherguy @ Sep. 04 2009,16:37)
It feels so fresh and new in here!  Like anything is possible:

- Gil could could use a new argument that was not generated by the Dogdenator 3000

Actually, I was considering upgrading the Dodgenator 3000 by adding an option about the "cell as a highly complex information processing machine."  But, I cannot decide if that is sufficiently different than "DNA is a computer program."


Make it a hat trick

DNA is a gay turing machine

Not because Turing was gay, which he was
but because the turing machine would have no way of knowing if it was having 'sex' with another turing machine without external information telling it if liked lacy to wear underwear or preferred to watch sport and drink beer.

ETA: Naturally one of the turing machines was named Lacy.

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