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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 04 2009,16:37   

It feels so fresh and new in here!  Like anything is possible:

- Gil could could use a new argument that was not generated by the Dogdenator 3000
- Corny could write a blog post that didn't link back to one of his other blogs
- Denyse could write something that didn't cause English teachers everywhere to start calling suicide hotlines
- Davetard could sell his houseboat and travel to Tibet to seek personal enlightenment
- KF could admit, in a post of less than 500 words, that "quasi-latching" and "implicit latching" are just bullshit concepts that he made up to avoid admitting defeat
- StephenB could apologize--and actually mean it
- Dr. Dr. D could be invited on a reality TV show to get a wardrobe makeover
- All of us could vow to never make socks at UD again because, really, getting your laughs from watching a bunch of moderately crazy strangers act like idiots is kind of immature

Okay, I admit that last possibility is probably rather remote!   :D

Evolander in training

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