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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 03 2009,15:46   

Quote (Lou FCD @ Sep. 03 2009,21:29)
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 02 2009,13:09)
Happy Birthday to the both of you.

I hope that your glasses are filled with alcoholic ambrosia, and that this brings a tear to your eye:

Bill and/or Albatrossity yesterday:


Hey Louis, where'd you get that photo?

(uh, for um.. academic curiosity... yeah, that's it. Research.)

I googled "dirty old man birthday" in images and miracle of miracles it appeared somewhere.

I mean someone googled for it, I was just checking the history to make sure no one had been getting up to any shennanigans. Good thing I caught....erm.....them wasn't it?

Happy research!



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