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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 24 2011,08:39   

Quote (blipey @ Aug. 24 2011,14:26)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Aug. 24 2011,07:42)

Imagine if you will, a mated pair of humpback whales.  Both of whom have a horrible head cold.  Now image that they have beached themselves and a wiling away the hours by singing Russian folk songs.

That still sounds better than me singing 'Happy Birthday'.  You're welcome.

Enjoy your birthday.

And here it was that I was hoping to celebrate by watching all of Chekhov's plays,especially Three Sisters (if you know what I mean*), weep uncontrollably, then drown my sorrows in several gallons of Baltika 9.

But thanks to you, Ogre, I'm reasonably skipping to the end.

*and I know Louis and Richard do

{Snigger} {Giggle}

Wait....what is this fork doing here?



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