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Quote (Louis @ Aug. 24 2010,07:26)
Quote (Louis @ Aug. 24 2009,18:19)
Happy Birthday Blipey.

I am not afraid of clowns, professors are a different matter.

May all your drinks be alcoholic and your liver be extremely reinforced.


I feel recycling birthday threads permits me to recycle birthday messages.

Many Happy Returns, Blipey!


What about clown professors?

Another birthday? Didn't you just have one last year?

Congratulations on not being dead yet, B.

May your cream pies be laced with Harvey's.

"But it's disturbing to think someone actually thinks creationism -- having put it's hand on the hot stove every day for the last 400 years -- will get a different result tomorrow." -- midwifetoad

"I am in a rush to catch up with science work." -- Gary Gaulin

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