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(Permalink) Posted: July 28 2009,16:38   

Quote (ppb @ July 27 2009,13:57)
Happy 3 millionth birthday Afarensis!  Oh, and thanks for the bipedalism.

Happy (belated*) birthday Afarensis!

Bipedalism? Don't make me laugh! Apart from the bipedalism, what did the Australopithecines ever do for us? They beld us dry etc**.


*Sorry, was away for long weekend in a place that doesn't even have motorways let alone intarwebs.

**If there are those who a) care enough to bother and B) are willing I reckon a serious pun cascade/Python-fest/evolutionary biology joke-athon could be made to get from here to "Romanes Eunt Domus" in a scientifically valid, geekily humorous fashion within 10 posts. I have set it up, I think it can be done. In honour of Afarensis, so mote it be!


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