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Quote (Dr.GH @ June 30 2009,13:59)
Well done Didymos. Please do go on further.

I might.  For now, though, LOL at Eugene Windchy's twitter page:


Darwin was a reclusive semi-invalid. He vomited a lot when writing The Origin. Going to a dinner party would make him shiver violently
3:25 PM Jun 29th from web therefore evolution is wrong? You do realize no one asked you about Darwin's emetic history right?  


@saadullahkhan Nobel prize winning biologist Francis Crick was an atheist but favored intelligent design provided by a more advanced planet
6:30 PM Jun 28th from web

Terminology quibbles aside: Yeah, until he didn't  "Histryluvr".  Where the fuck do you do your research, 'cause I found that no problem "from web"?  You know, on the Google?  Leads to the Wikipedia?  'Cause I'm assuming the primary literature is just out of the fucking question for a "Histryluvr" like your bad self.

Ooooh, jealous:

@heraclitus Lucky you. I wanted to use Heraclitus.
2:58 PM Jun 28th from web

Repeat it often enough....:

@naturalvites Alfred R. Wallace sent mss to Darwin for forwarding. Darwin then finagled earlier publication of his inferior work.
12:36 PM Jun 28th from web

and we still won't believe your lying ass.  Srsly: there's a massive fucking paper trail.  It can even be found "from web".  Google, motherfucker: do you use it?

Snark fail:

@kpflude Thanks. But Down House is correct spelling although the village is Downe. One of the Darwin eccentricities.
11:55 AM Jun 28th from web

Dude: it was his fucking house.  He could call it whatever the fuck he wanted.  Interesting fact:  As far as I can tell, that only appeared on one census form.  I'm betting he mostly just said "my house".  Surely though, in your exhaustive research, you found other examples...right?  

Read my website...:

@zacanger Science establishment is covering up its disbelief in Darwinism because it has no better theory. See my website.
10:33 AM Jun 28th from web

which mostly says "Buy My Book!"


@TheLifeofPower. Amazon is a good source. You can write a review there too.
2:36 PM Jun 27th from web

Review my book (hint, hint).

On definitions:

If we define evolution as biological change over time, it is true. If we define it as change as described by Darwin, it is not true.
11:13 AM Jun 27th from web

Ow! Fuck!  Am I bleeding from my ear?

Eugene Windchy, Master of Twittology:

7:48 AM Jun 15th from web

Oh, c'mon!  You could have at least CAPITALIZED it properly.

I wouldn't be bothered reading about the selfish gene because it has never been identified. -- Denyse O'Leary, professional moron
Again "how much". I don't think that's a good way to be quantitative.-- gpuccio

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