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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ May 14 2009,17:13)
So, on the one hand we have Nasa and the Hubble telescope extreme make-over, promising images as far as 500 years after the Big Bang. Sorry, link in french.

On the other hand, we have the ESA and Planck & Herschel program, promising images down to 380 000 years after the Big Bang. Sorry, link in french......again

While I rejoice upon Hubble's newfound life span, I kinda wonder about the real limits of our "vision". Can we really go back farther than the 380 000 limit? It seems (although I might be mistaken) that this particular time would be the moment when light "separated" from the gooey mumbo-jumbo and thus is the limit to what we can "see".

But Nasa claims to scope down to 500 years Post Big Bang.

Utopia? Mistake from the reporter? Blatant propaganda?

Share your thoughts...

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Oh.  That wasn't what you meant?

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