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Quote (WebHopper @ Feb. 12 2017,16:50)
Utiger found a distribution like that of throwing dices:

P(v) = q^v-1 p^v

where v is the number of generations and p = 1-q is the probability that the dice got the correct number.

Sorry for this error. The probability distribution for throwing a dice is of course

P(v) = q^(v-1) p

with p=1/6.

You should definitely read Utiger's article even though his conclusion is that natural selection does not work and you guys believe in the exact opposite... But he makes it with honesty and clarity. Furthermore, he does not draw any conclusions in favor of intelligent design or any other creation beliefs. He just says that there is disagreement between the empirical data of 13 million years ago when the split between the Pan and Homo genera occurred and the data furnished by the Weasel-algorithm, that is, billions of years ago...

The paper can also be found on ResearchGate.

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