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Quote (fusilier @ Sep. 29 2014,14:44)
Quote (DiEb @ Sep. 28 2014,14:14)
William Dembski held a talk at the University of Chicago in August 2014. There is a youtube video of this one hour long talk which the Discovery Institute provided.

At the moment, I'm trying to transcribe this video in a series of posts on my blog: William Dembski's talk at the University of Chicago.

At 45', I had to stop for a moment, as there is such an amusing elementary mistake on the slides which the eminent Dr. Dr. uses... And, as 1/2 != 3/5, Dr. Dr. Dembski gets as wrong result - which is, as he says - " typical for these search-for-a-search situations". I couldn't agree more.

Please, take a look at: Conservation of Information in Evolutionary Search - Talk by William Dembski - part 4 . Thanks :-)

Is that "one over two-factorial equals three over five"  or "one over two does not equal three over five?"

Either way it's not sensible, but ....


Didn't you mean =BS^0 ?

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