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Schroedinger's Dog

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Quote (carlsonjok @ Feb. 22 2009,14:28)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Feb. 22 2009,07:17)
Carlson, thanks a lot for the heads-up so far. Nothing really new, but it's always interesting to keep updated about the "latest" ID strategies.

True, I didn't really hear anything new.  But, I found the structure of West's presentation cleverly crafted to evoke specific emotional reactions in the audience and documenting this has really reinforced, for me, West's role as a propagandist. Documenting this has been an interesting exercise that I have enjoyed.  Unfortunately, you guys get to suffer through my musings. I am not nearly as entertaining as Abbie is.
Can't wait for part the fourth. Your report reads better than any TV novellas.

Just wait for the Abbie on Casey scene.  HAWT!!!!

I think PR and propaganda have been ID's strongest (only?) tool so far. No one could deny that West, Behe or even Dembsky (up to a point) are well versed in the craft of public speaches. But by documenting as much of it as possible, the holes and fallacies come out stronger, and a quick debunk is thus made easier.

Your musings are actualy welcome, as they can enlighten the lurker or the casual poster (such as myself) by dissecting and pointing out something that is not always obvious at first sight. That's the beauty of such forums.

As for Abbie, I've been reading her lattest posts on ERV, and the seksyhawt factor sure helps. A cross examination of both your reports will be something to keep and balance against whatever the IDiots can muster.

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