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Quote (fnxtr @ Jan. 23 2011,08:14)

(Louis, looking at your story from last year about Stonehenge makes me think of Withnail and I. I dunno why, it just does.)


I love that film, you should play the drinking game sometime. It hurts. Personally I think substituting out the lighter fluid is for weaklings and IDCists (but I repeat myself).

For those who do not know these things, a Camberwell Carrot is a very large, marijuana cigarette, formed into a conical, or carrot like shape.

I, of course, as a clean living, responsible and well respected member of society do not advocate the consumption of any of these things. However, if anyone wants to attempt it, I am available at my club the third Thursday of every month to give it a bloody good try. What!

Oh yes, and happy birthday to Wes and that French bloke. May your fruits ever be loinful and your ups always pecker. Or something like that.




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