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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Sep. 18 2008,08:29)
Quote (Paul Flocken @ Sep. 18 2008,07:51)
Brunswick is the southernmost coastal county in North Carolina. †I am neither a resident of nor have children in the Brunswick school system, so I don't have any standing, but I will make time to attend the Oct 21 meeting.

You have to love this sentence from the second article that Paul linked. †  
The Brunswick County school system offers a Bible as Literature course in high school, but itís not being taught this year because no students signed up for it, according to administrators.

I think it's unfortunate that a Bible as Lit course was not more popular - if it resembles the one that I took, it's an literary overview of the symbolic nature of much biblical language (40 days and nights, 7 apostles, 7 days of fasting, things occurring in 3s, etc.) and of the various narrative forms (songs, poetry, oral history, scholarly revision/editing, redacted and then readded material, nightmare visions, etc.) contained in it, which reinforces the absurdity of trying to take this work "literally." (People writing the Bible didn't even have any concept of literal versus metaphorical meaning.) That could be why the kids didn't sign up for it - too much thinking required.

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