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Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 29 2010,01:09)
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 28 2010,12:02)
A beer for for each of us? A beer? **A** beer????

I for one am insulted! Should I make it to Wilmington, NC (granted, unlikely, but still I should do a Grand Tour of the USA one year. I miss the place) I shall demand that the local brewery is put on emergency notice and that all available transplantable livers are available on standby.

Of course that is going to have to be after this effing health kick I'm on. I never want to see fizzy water again. It's not as good as beer, they lied.


Hey wait a minute!  Isn't NC one of the states that you're not allowed to wander around in again after those "regretable incidents" the last time that Homeland Security bent the rules and allowed you in?

Which leads me to play Hounslow East.

I'm allowed back to the Carolinas and Georgia but never to the "Best Western" chain of hotels, Kentucky, Alabama, most of Texas, certain medical centres on the east coast, Baja, parts of New Mexico, any state Sarah Palin is in at the time and Paris Hilton.

I'm happy about that last part. Being banned from Paris Hilton is something of an acheivement.



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