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Quote (dogdidit @ Aug. 22 2008,12:43)
Years ago (more years ago than I care to calculate just now) I took a college class in (classical) quantum mechanics. The professor didn't assign a text, but instead explained that all the material for the class would be presented on the blackboard during his lectures. Therefore (1) it was important to attend every lecture, or at least get notes from a buddy, and (2) it was important to take comprehensive notes! But the professor made it abundantly clear that good note-taking alone was insufficient; he strongly recommended that we re-copy our notes after class. His theory was that when we re-copied the notes, the study material would have to pass from our eyes to our hands, and would therefore have a good chance of encountering our brains along the way, where some of it might stick.

I took his advice. It was very effective.

Dude, keep up this blog and you are going to be a serious biology-knowing science geek fer sure.

Love the thought.  If it works as well as it should, I'll have to keep that in mind for when I start teaching.

Lou FCD is still in school, so we should only count him as a baby biologist. -carlsonjok -deprecated
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