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Quote (Antoniobrore @ Oct. 20 2017,01:26)
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Well, at least it's not viagra sales or the odd question about fertility this time around. Some sort of odd phishing attempt or test of automating account creation or..?


a gasketing material that is produced by compressing a blend of asbestos, natural rubber, and powdered constituents. Paronite is supplied in sheet form and is used for sealing joints that operate in the following mediums: water and steam under a pressure of 5 meganewtons per square meter (MN/ m2), or 50 kilograms-force per square centimeter, and at a temperature of 450°C; petroleum and petroleum products at 7 MN/ m2 and 200°C and at 4 MN/m2 and 400°C; and such substances as liquid and gaseous oxygen and ethyl alcohol.

In order to increase its mechanical strength, paronite is sometimes reinforced with wire mesh, in which case it is called ferronite.

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