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Quote (Cubist @ Jan. 21 2017,22:02)
Russian, yes—the text is in the Cyrillic alphabet—and spam, also yes. Not porn, I don't think; after C&P-ing it into Google Translate, it seems like it's spam for some sort of online game in the neighborhood of Farmville. Maybe. Here's the Google-Translated version of the first few sentences:
New simple economic game. More than 65 000 users. Earnings happening on the collection of raw materials from domestic animals. Income can be displayed on a bank card, Kiwi Payeer or purse.
The whole process is independently from you, the more animals the more earnings. Plus a huge earnings give your invited friends and just people,
invited by your personal affiliate link.

I get the same crap on my blog. The link typically jumps to a porn "dating" site.

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