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Quote (olegt @ June 20 2012,12:10)
Antivaxxers are out in force today. In the comments section a hilarious nutter RobertT laments:
Sometimes I think we would be better off if we burned all scientists at the stake. I am a big believer in research and observing patterns, but I am continually struck by the fact that out-and-out "science" is fraudulent, and every occupation or profession becomes more fraudulent as they get closer and closer to actual science. Perhaps the most honest professions are the least "scientific of all."

I notice people chatter about the details in these cases, but at some point everyone would be better served by backing up, taking a wider view and accepting what is surely obvious by now. Science, as it is practiced today, is pure bunk and more dangerous than dancing with rattlesnakes. And twice as deadly. The fat hypothesis has probably killed more people by now than any other cause since we started scratching our history on rocks and parchment.

He said, while ironically using a computer and the internet, sitting in an air-conditioned house, eating processed food and planning for a trip (in a car, with a battery, internal combustion engine, modern tires, plastics, refined metals, etc) to the doctor (where he will take all his anti-biotics) and bitch about science.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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