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Quote (Louis @ Sep. 30 2011,04:56)
Quote (the_ignored @ Sep. 30 2011,01:12)
You all remember the rape apologist Vox Day, right?  Well, hold on to your hats, here's another one.

I don't believe I could recommend this as a strategy for most men, but it is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman. And women, before all the inevitable snowflaking commences, please note that there is absolutely nothing to argue about here. It is an established empirical fact.

Don't forget:  It's ATHEISTS who are the socially incompotent assholes here!

Even worse, check out the posts at the blog he links to!  It seems to be another one of his.

Holy shit.

I am genuinely ashamed to share a clade with this fuck-knuckle. I wonder how his fangirl FTK feels about his misogyny?


He's a member of the "right side", right?  She probably loves it as what side you're on is all that matters.  And people (is that the right term?) like Vox know this and use it to their advantage.

But I get the trick question- there isn't any such thing as one molecule of water. -JoeG

And scientists rarely test theories. -Gary Gaulin

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