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You know what's funny?  One of Vox's acolytes, JD Curtis (goes by Phineagal or something on Vox's blog) made a hypocrite of himself with this entire mess.

How so?  Read what he says here:

The aggregate amount of “Free Thought” here is dizzying.

and compare it with what he does on his own blog:

Comment moderation is now enabled. Way to 'Strike a Blow for Free Speech', Chumley.

Well, he'll be relieved to read this thread if Voxytoad decides to leave my link up.  He'll see that I've answered twice.  Though of course, he'll deny it (He is after all, mister "Where's the Birth Certificate?")

His remarks about "social autism" strike me as ironic:  Look at all the things his hero Vox has said about women, and all the insults he constantly spews against anyone he agrees with.

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