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Alan Fox

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Quote (OgreMkV @ Sep. 04 2011,10:17)
Quote (Alan Fox @ Sep. 04 2011,15:05)
Quote (the_ignored @ Sep. 03 2011,06:38)
For context, Vox had asked me questions in that post of his, and I tried answering them. You can see how badly formatted my replies came out there, but nevertheless that's what they are.


Bear in mind I am English by birth and have never visited the USA, though I have met some very charming Americans in Europe, and also that the internets are rather subdued on my usual subject of interest - has "Intelligent Design" come up with a theory yet.

Presumably the "Vox Day" thread has figured quite prominently recently because of lack of other news and I followed the link. Having taken a shower and a large tincture, I feel restored enough to ask: do the views expressed by the author and (his wife?) space Bunny and other apparently enthusiastic commenters represent anything approaching a significant minority view in the US?

That's a really good question that deserves some serious thought.

I think that the majority of US citizens don't think about it and don't care.  If it's not a bog block V-8, involve a football (a real one, not a soccer ball), or a trip to the beauty salon most Americans don't give a crap.

The ones that do think about would probably tend to think that there is some sort of designer (God) and then the thought drifts away from their mind like beautiful cloud.

The people that are actually capable of giving this some thought are the ones that think ID is an utter load of hokum.  

Does that help?

Thanks Ogre, but I have only read the comments that Reynold/the ignored linked to upthread. My astonishment was more general  and more in relation to the remarks about whether a wife could be a victim of rape by her husband.

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