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Alan Fox

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 04 2011,15:05   

Quote (the_ignored @ Sep. 03 2011,06:38)
For context, Vox had asked me questions in that post of his, and I tried answering them. You can see how badly formatted my replies came out there, but nevertheless that's what they are.


Bear in mind I am English by birth and have never visited the USA, though I have met some very charming Americans in Europe, and also that the internets are rather subdued on my usual subject of interest - has "Intelligent Design" come up with a theory yet.

Presumably the "Vox Day" thread has figured quite prominently recently because of lack of other news and I followed the link. Having taken a shower and a large tincture, I feel restored enough to ask: do the views expressed by the author and (his wife?) space Bunny and other apparently enthusiastic commenters represent anything approaching a significant minority view in the US?

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