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I believe what the Germans applied to technology production during WW2 was science and nothing but science.  How much of it was greedily picked up by the US and Soviet?  A Norwegian student sent to Germany early in WW2 to study engineering, but actually for spying.  He went to Peenemünde and could observe what was going on but the Brits didn't believe him. He stayed in Dresden until the end of the war. During the last days of the war drove a car all the way to Hamburg in a corridor between the Allied and Soviet armies.  Bought a Mercedes from a German officer in Hamburg on his word to pay after the war. Drove it over the Danish border as the first of the Allied forces.
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The article from Aftenposten is very interesting , and I translate a piece:  
We had warned the people in England but they didn’t believe us. After the war the British themselves gave the answer why they for a long time did not believe the reports from Rosbaud and Bergh. They thought the Germans could not possibly have developed a fuel of sufficient density and light enough to fuel a rocket from Germany to England. But the British were wrong. The German scientist’s formula was a mixture of liquid alcohol and oxygen.

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