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Quote (Quack @ Sep. 02 2011,02:56)
Freke and Gandy have been criticized by biblical scholars (and others) in their "looseness" with the facts.  They have some good stuff, but anything they say should be checked out with other sources.  There is no excuse for shoddy scholarship.

I think it is more about their obvious agenda than shoddy scholarship. I think they could have done a more scholarly treatment if they wanted to but that would also have made it less of a good read. It helps that they reference their sources and that list is impressive.

BTW, IIRC, it was Robert M Price that I was stung by at t.o. once when I referred to TJM; he appeared as rather arrogant and asked why I would believe two journalists. He struck me as having an agenda too.

I don't know about arrogant, but he seems to make wild leaps, esp regarding languages, that I don't think are justified (based on what I know).  Some things I think he is good on, other stuff....  He also seems to like any idea, and since he doesn't think we'll really know one way or another (and to an extent I agree), he thinks that any hypothesis is good.  Kinda like George Nouri.

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