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Texas Teach

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Quote (Badger3k @ Sep. 01 2011,19:49)
Again, that says nothing about its accuracy - its relationship to reality.  I can bet that there are a lot of copies of early comic books - does that mean that Peter Parker existed?  Will future woo-merchants look back on ancient comics and wonder at our religion that worshipped a wall-crawling human?  He certainly was persecuted enough.

Future woo-merchants will go on the brain-nets and claim that since the ancients texts clearly show Uncle Ben died for our sins, then there is just as much evidence for that as for the existence of jellyfish.  And that being nice to gay people eventually leads to throwing pumpkin bombs at children.

"Creationists think everything Genesis says is true. I don't even think Phil Collins is a good drummer." --J. Carr

"I suspect that the English grammar books where you live are outdated" --G. Gaulin

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