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Quote (Ftk @ Aug. 31 2011,22:26)
Quote (MichaelJ @ Aug. 31 2011,07:10)
Quote (Badger3k @ Aug. 31 2011,10:05)
Quote (Ftk @ Aug. 29 2011,22:21)
Bullshit.  Ever read the Illiad?  The Oddesy?  The moral lessons in the Greek myths?   How about the viking myths?  No?  I'm not surprised.

Quite familiar with all.  Forgot to add this link earlier.

Carm?  Carm?  Seriously?  The earlier link to the tortured apologetics that redefined slavery was bad enough, but  Carm is up there with AIG in terms of reality (hint - they ain't near it).  Why not link to some serious scholarship - you know, people who are interested in the truth, rather than making the facts fit their beliefs?

Oh, yeah.  I forgot.

Wow I actually read that. What dishonest piece of wombat pooh.

Please provide evidence that the information in that link is incorrect.  I didn't originally find that at CARM.  It's standard knowledge.  CARM came up first in my search.  

Please provide evidence that it's a "dishonest piece of wombat pooh", or retract.  Thank you.

Dishonest because they are inferring that we have the bible in the second century where only a couple of scraps have been found. For the comparison documents only the near full versions are counted where earlier scraps and references abound for them.

Is that dishonest enough? I notice that you keep talking about the Church fathers. What is the evidence for these guys? Most of what the Church fathers said come  to us from Eusibus in the fourth century. Writer comtemporary to Eusibus say that he had a huge political axe to grind. How much about the "First Fathers" did he make up to suit his needs.

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