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Sweet mother of Christ.  Vox's blog must be one of the worst seething cesspools of tard on the face of the Earth.  I've literally never seen so much tard.  These guys give UD and EFT a run for their money.  Every time I find an impossibly stupid quote in that thread, I mentally mark the place where the post is so I can go back and quote it, but I end up finding an even dumber one a few posts down.  This process is repeated almost ad-nauseam.

Here's a particularly juicy one that does a good job of representing the average Vox Day underling blog post:

SteveKay, pedantry will not get you very far in this. The phrase "an order of magnitude" is used enough colloquially to convey one or several orders of magnitude. Your literal reading of the phrase is just being snippy. The point still stands that AG was utterly and completely wrong in his "millions of degrees".

Bible much?

These people are so morally selective it's not even funny.  Actually, it is funny; it's outrageously funny.  My favorite part is the constant brown-nosing going on, as if Vox were some sort of demi-god.  Their heads are so far up Vox's ass they might as well be wearing him as a hat.

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