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Quote (Skullboy @ April 28 2009,23:23)
That same thread keeps on giving.
Look at it this way. X=designer and Y=design. We know Y exists, so it is equal to at least 1. Dawkins states that X MUST be greater than Y. I contradict and state that X may or may not be greater than Y. We don't have a value for X, but we do know that if there is no designer, then X=0, obviously. However, we know that 0 is not greater than 1, therefore Dawkins has to be incorrect.

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WTF?  Start out with "We know that Y exists" - since when?  We have the appearance of design, but they still need to try to show that "Y = 1"

Not only that, but the writer has no clue as to what the argument is.  Completely clueless.  :O

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