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Quote (Lou FCD @ Aug. 07 2008,11:53)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 07 2008,10:10)
Wowsers! Today we have a post "The useless women"
and a poll to crash:

Vox finds a woman thrown onto electric train tracks, burned and with a possible collar bone fracture, "amusing"

Third, given how I suspect the situation developed, it's a cogent illustration of the impotence of female reliance upon the law. I suspect we're going to be seeing more and more of this behavior as it becomes eminently clear to younger men that the law is becoming ever more hostile to their sex. One can just picture the woman imperiously making her righteous demand of the two young thugs in the full confidence that the law is not only on her side, but protecting her, then finding herself sailing through the air as her position and her misplaced confidence are met with a speedy and forceful rebuttal.

Oink! Oink!, by Leo Reynolds

I have a confession to make.  I like...the John Norman "Gor" books.  I like them because of his hideous run-on style, some quirky humor, and the taken-from-history sci-fi/fantasy setting.  When he gets into psychology and male-female relationships, I admit my mind shuts down, my eyes glaze over, and I have to skip past.  Too many readings of "a man is a lion, a woman is a flower" and horribly funny stereotypes where women say they want to be men...but that's what Teddy thinks is true.

Sad, and scary.  Sociopaths usually are.

"Just think if every species had a different genetic code We would have to eat other humans to survive.." : Joe G

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