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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 04 2008,15:13   

He's on the wireless now, bashing them thar athiest types..

Edits - to sort of liveblog.

The fact that these books are doing so well just shows how badly them atheism is doing.
Atheism comes from the aftermath of 911... so it's about fear of islam.
He has no clue what 'agnostic' means.. but is waffling on anyway.
Host has just offered 'atheism is a religion'.
Vox sounds like he's 14 on the phone, BTW.
now and advert for "homeschool heartbeat"
He might be debating Hitchens soon - but Dawkins wont debate Vox, because he's scared obviously.
Again - Atheism is a reaction to Islam.
USA is too rich, therefore atheism.
what is wrong with atheism? It works under a delusion. it borrows its ethics and shit from religion... then some bizarre non sequitur to Stalin killing people.
the commentator tells us about caveman morality - the vox talks about the evolution of morals.
Commentator says "Vox = male man coulter". Vox says he's a 'cruelty artist'.
Vox does his philosophy like he plays his first person shooters, apparently.
Them atheists aren't free thinkers. There's lots of evidence for god, just not scientific evidence.
Geology, Evloution and Biology = crocks of shit.
Vox is part of a new Tard movement - against 'secular hedonism'..
Vox had to choose between Nihilism and Christianity, apparently.
Republicans are too leftist, also.

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