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Quote (blipey @ Aug. 01 2008,10:27)
Quote (Advocatus Diaboli @ Aug. 01 2008,04:21)
I read his book, The Irrational Atheist. It wasn't as bad as some people were saying it was. But I do recommend that you skip the first chapter and focus on the stuff after it.

I believe Reciprocating Bill read it as well.  I can't remember what thread he put his review on--I think it was the Unreasonable Kansans thread, but it could have been the Ftk research thread.

IIRC, he seemed to think it missed the boat quite often: not actually making the case against each atheist's argument.  At least the bits he quoted seemed to have much better sentence structure and meaningful content than Denise O'Leary.  It's something, anyway.

You seem to have liked it somewhat better.  Perhaps I'll have  a go at it when I'm on the road this fall.

You can get it for free from his site (there's a link somewhere) in pdf format.  I have it but have not read it.  

There was a blogger who took the time to read it and dissect it, and that may be in wherever the older post is, but Austin Cline has a lot of Vox, including a bit on his book (

I think it was Evangelical Realism (link to the old blog, but posts continue if I read correctly - - look for TIA tuesday.

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