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"Vox" is Theodore Beale, a spoiled rich kid -- son of multi-millionaire Jesus Freak and Federal Inmate (tax evasion)  Robert Beale. He's also a wanna-be S-F writer and general idiot.

Lots of verbiage, damned little substance to his posts -- either on his blog or on Watta Nut Daily. I was amused, though, by this "column" on PZ Myers and "Crackergate" posted: July 14, 2008.

"Vox" gazes into his crystal balls and ventures that  
"what actually demonstrates the cowardly nature of this self-aggrandizing atheist [PZ Myers, natch] is the fact that there is no chance that he will follow through on his anti-cracker threats now that it is clear there may be material consequences, however minor, to his actions.

The saltines are safe, for just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there is no vow that the militant atheist will not violate if he perceives any risk to his material well-being.

Yeah, that worked out real well for you, "MENSA" boy.

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