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This never made it to the "Contest # 7" thread:        



3:23 am
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“An avatar blogger, “Canadian Cynic,” had been posting obscenities for years against Canadian women (wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters) who espoused traditional values.”

“But the enterprising Wendy Sullivan, the “Girl on the Right”, found out, and allowed the world (his clients, colleagues, suppliers, acquaintances, neighbours, anyone who might be interested, really) to know that that is how he spends his time when he is not developing or writing about software.”

And here are the obscenities the enterprising Wendy Sullivan posts about (Native) Canadian men and their daughters:

“Tuesday, June 26, 2007
As opposed to the other 364 days
When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and f**k their daughters. This Friday will mark the Native Day of Action™ here in Canada. It’s their chance to whine and complain that us white guys who pay 45% in income tax to support their smoking, drinking and daughter-f**king are ripping them off.”

She goes on to tell us those immoral natives huff gasoline too and gets a few good ones in on the Palestinians.

And here are the obscenities you spew all over Uncommon Descent while quoting the enterprising racist, Wendy Sullivan:
“cunts”, “wankers”, “douchebags”, “assholes”

And then you ask, “Why do so many Darwinists spout so much filth, hostility, and aimless detraction?”

You’re a real class act, Denyse!

I can't imagine why Clive killed this one ... unless maybe my utter disgust with O'Leary and all things UD just got too palpable to ignore.

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