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Quote (Zachriel @ July 24 2009,10:25)
Joseph: So if recombination is limited deterioration is inevitable?

But wait males also have an X, therefor that X should also show signs of deterioration.

The X-chromosome in a male comes from his mother. X-chromosomes recombine in mothers. (It's believed that sex chromosomes evolved to progressively restrict recombination between male and female chromosomes, a result of clustering of male advantageous traits.)

Joseph: Therefor if a man has a son, who then has a son, who then also has a son, we should be able to see some X chromosome deterioration somewhere along that patrilineage in at least some of the gametes.

The father does not pass his X-chromosome down to his son. A son acquires his X-chromosome from his mother—who just happens to have two recombining X-chromosomes.

Exactly. The dumbass has now been straightened out.


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