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Quote (dvunkannon @ Jan. 09 2009,09:14)
My atheist bus comment that Clive will never let see the light of day at UD -

Even if you accept that "eastern ethics" come from God, they are not being taught in the name of God. The point stands that the Golden Rule can form the basis for human relations, independent of its source.

Why is there social and altruistic behavior in nature, outside of human society? At the very least, those same principles can operate within human society. A human is not a virus.

Reading StephenB leads to an open mouthed "what the f**k" moment:

"Real goodness is inseparable from the kind of courage, humility, and wisdom that thinks beyond this life. If our short stay here is all there is, then there is no such thing as goodness, only survival. If we donít live forever, then all goodness is wasted, all hope is misguided, and every promise is a cruel joke."

So feeding the starving, rescuing someone from peril, providing comfort and healing to the ill isn't real goodness unless the person thinks there's an eternal life??!!!!!

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