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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 05 2009,09:07   

Added in edit - OOPS I screwed up my edit, so I apologize to all and keiths, for cutting the quotes referencing that this is his Original Post!

Those two threads -- the original and the follow-on -- are the perfect introduction to the trainwreck that is UD.

You have:

1) GilDo and DaveTard displaying utter ignorance of a field in which they both claim expertise;
2) an almost universal inability among the ID supporters to think abstractly;
3) their repeated refusal to listen to commenters who actually know what they're talking about;
4) several John A. Davison rants;
5) an actual prayer, followed by a theological debate;
6) deleted comments;
7) a pathetic attempt by Gil, three days after the fact, to pretend that his original post was just a joke;
8) some bold-font moderator chest-thumping (by Scott);
9) DaveTard misunderstanding the concept of irreducible complexity, and being corrected by an ID critic;
10) banninations of Tom English, Reciprocating Bill and me (posting as Karl Pfluger) for exposing DaveTard's chumpitude; and
11) DaveTard frantically defending himself as he is mocked by the good folks at AtBC.

It is a true tard extravaganza, lacking only a WAD meltdown and some O'Learian pseudoprose.[/quote]

Thanks for the links!  

It's interesting to note that back in 2006 there was actually some back-and-forth discussion at UD!

If only Dave could have resisted the urge to get out of trouble and not use the Big Red Bannination Button....

but I guess that's like asking a clown to leave off the Big Red Nose.

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