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Atom tries to refute Gremlin's jab that " ID research seems to consist of combing pro-evolution articles for perceived gaps." †Here's what Atom comes up with:

As we all know, Dr. Dembski has been extending information theory using the concept of CSI for a few years.
translation: "Information- Nature can't make it".

Dr. Marks has been working with Dr. Dembski as well to formalize the concept of Active Information and its application to evolutionary algorithms.
translation: "Active information - GA's can't make it, they can only smuggle it".

Dr. Beheís EoE remains a profound literature survey on the limitations of undirected variation and selection, even with fast replicators.
translation: "Natural selection is impotent. It can't possibly create anything new".

Dr. Axe, working with the Biologic Institute, has developed Stylus, a software environment using Chinese characters as a means of studying the emergence of hierarchical function in systems.
translation: "We have no idea how this relates to ID, but we're sure it's anti-Darwin, and he's spending a lot of the DI's $$, so it must be good".

A friend of mine is extendeding the concept of complexity classes to biology (and any loop based system such as gene regulation circuits.)
translation:"anything that extendedes complexity to biology is a problem for NDE".

Walter ReMine has extended and simplified Haldaneís Dilemma in population genetics
translation: "Natural selection can't possibly work. †Math proves it!'

Scott Minnich has done work on IC and the Bacterial Flagellum.
translation: "IC is impossible to create without intelligence"

Dr. Sanford has developed the model of Genetic Entropy relating to population genetics,
translation: "NDE violates SLOT!!!"

Dr. Gonzalez has been doing work on the Privileged Planet Hypothesis and Dr. Lee Spetner has developed his NREH (Non-random Evolutionary Hypothesis) over the past couple of decades
translation:"No way in hell could all this have happened by accident"

This isnít even taking into account the work done by YECs
translation: "There's no way that evolution could have done all this in only 6000 years, especially with that flood stirring everything up and all"

There is more, but Iím not 1) all-knowing and 2) canít share private research I am privy to, without asking the researchers themselves.
translation: "Only God and a privileged few know about the Super-Secret ID Research Program that's going to produce a Positive, Testable Design Hypothesis any day now"!

So yeah, lots of ID research is being done at moment.
translation: †So there! See, it's not all negative, anti-evo after all"

The majority of the stupid is invincible and guaranteed for all time. The terror of their tyranny is alleviated by their lack of consistency. -A. Einstein †(H/T, JAD)
If evolution is true, you could not know that it's true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. ?Think about that. -K. Hovind

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