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Mark Frank throws in the towel on kairosfocus:

I give up. I am sorry but I find your writing almost unintelligible. I can understand Dembski, Plantinga and Reppert. I was brought up on reading Kant and Wittgenstein. But try as I might, I continue to flounder when I read your comments.

Passages such as:

“what is plausible on chance conditions, per available search resources in the context of an inference to best explanation argument,”


“physical cause-effect chains rooted in chance and necessity may (with significant search resources hurdles) in principle get so far as an apparent message, but will run into a categorical wall when we need to transfer to the world of logical ground-consequent and best explanation modelling/ reasoning etc.”

Make me want to go and read The Critique of Pure Reason for light relief.

I am going to stop this debate. I can never see it moving beyond the point where I am trying to clarify what you are saying. Thanks for all the time and effort you have clearly put into this and I am sorry it is wasted.


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