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I made a design inference!    
Housekeeping note ...Our Webmaster Jack Cole kindly alerted me to his philosophy regarding trolls, as in - do not feed the trolls.

Bring out your inner lab rat: Take this test to find out if you are truly an intelligent design type - or not Clinical psychologist Jack Cole offers a simple perceptual test to differentiate between intelligent design types and atheistic naturalists.

Following the link on offers:

and from the "about" page, onward to, which contains so many  links to O'bleary that it could be considered to be part of the link farm.

and from the Comment policy link:
I generally approve all comments that are constructive and informative; however, I do not feed trolls.

This could all be a coincidence but the chances of it happening are less than one in a BIGNUMBER * something I can't be arsed to calculate * something I can't possibly know. Therefore design inference!!One

(somebody mentioned bignumber here earlier, which I nicked)

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