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Quote (Aardvark @ Jan. 03 2009,09:28)
From O'Leary's latest.

Neuroplasticity makes way more sense if your immaterial mind is real and directs your brain.

How?  Can anyone explain this?

It's quite simple.  Your brain can't know everything about itself, that would create a paradox: it would also have to know how it can know that.  

When you learn a new fact, your brain would have to know which new connections to forge in order to encode that fact.  That would entail your brain being aware of all of its own wiring, which it can't even see.

Obviously, some outside agency is required. Your mind skilfully observes your brain and knows exactly how to manipulate it to achieve any desired effect. And it does this without you being aware that it knows it.

Er, yes, that's it. There's a hind-mind which knows all about brain circuitry but isn't part of your consciousness, and a fore-mind which is your consciousness but  knows sod all about brains (Unless you watched "The Man with Two Brains", in which case it may know that they are incredibly slimy).

Read about it in my new book "The Spatula Fore-Mind"

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