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Quote (Aardvark @ Jan. 03 2009,01:28)
From O'Leary's latest.
Neuroplasticity makes way more sense if your immaterial mind is real and directs your brain.

How?  Can anyone explain this?

Who knows?  This is Denyse we're talking about, after all. My best guess is that she thinks that a purely physical brain would be inflexible, with a permanent, fixed mapping of functions to neurons.  For her, there has to be something outside the brain telling it to remap a function to a different set of neurons.

I think she's so entrenched in her dualism that she literally cannot understand materialist arguments.  They make no sense to her because she approaches them (unwittingly) with dualist assumptions that she cannot suspend, even for a moment, for the sake of understanding the materialist position.

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