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Quote (Zachriel @ Jan. 02 2009,08:15)
gpuccio: CSI is an objective formal property that we in ID believe, on the basis of empirical observations and of theoretical considerations, to be invariably associated with the process of design.

Hi, gpuccio. We know you read AtBC on some occasions. CSI is not "objective", but based upon the background knowledge of the Semiotic Agent.

X = log2 [ BIGNUMBER S(T) P(T|H) ]

Quoting Dembski, "Ss background knowledge now induces a descriptive complexity of T, which measures the simplest way S has of describing T." Furthermore, P is also dependent on our insight of a reasonable probability distribution, a dependency that seems to imply we already have to know the answer before we start our calculation. See here.

A discussion of CSI is ongoing at Mark Frank's blog:
Making the Case for Materialism.
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