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kairosfocus: When a fitness landscape has a threshold of functionality, it means that unless you are at least at the shores of an islands of function, you cannot access differential success as a clue to climb towards optimal function.

This refers to the origin of life. No one knows how life started, that is, how the Evolutionary Algorithm found the first island of functionality.

kairosfocus: For a sufficiently complex space [the ones relevant to FSCI and CSI), we know that the search resources of the cosmos are vastly inadequate for reasonable chances of success at reaching islands of function from arbitrary initial points.

The search landscape for simpler organisms is much smaller, and so the channels between the posited islands of functionality are narrower.

kairosfocus: Once one then reaches to function, voila, one can hill-climb to optimal function, on the assumption that we have nice ascents -- if there are overly high and steep cliffs, that is another problem.

Meanwhile, once the first island of functionality is found, we can show that evolution can successfully explore vast landscapes (e.g. landscapes that are sufficiently characterized by proximal relationships).

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